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Founded in 1961 by Arthur Loomstein, and headquartered in St. Louis, this family business has what it takes to survive.  Centerco Properties has expertly managed over 2,200 residential units, 400 hotel units, and more than 1 million square feet of commercial property in Missouri, Indiana and Florida. 

Now owned and operated by Deborah Blanchard, the company has shifted its focus away from residential and into strictly commercial property management. These properties include the Sacks Building and Centerco Office Suites.

Industry Awards & Recognition
  1. 2001 Pillar of the Industry, Centerco Founder, Arthur Loomstein
  2. Management Company of the Year, multiple award winner
  3. Community of the Year, various properties
  4. Multiple professional associations awards:
  5. Multi-site Supervisor of the Year
    • Manager of the Year
    • Leasing Professional of the Year
    • Maintenance Supervisor of the Year
    • Maintenance Tech of the Year
    • Employee of the Year

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