Owner and CEO

Debi Blanchard

Debi Blanchard joined Centerco in 2001 as Special Projects Manager, following a number of years working in residential real estate. This experience, combined with her knowledge of restaurant management and as a buyer in commercial food service, made her a great fit for property management. She has since held multiple titles as she grew with the company, and in July 2020, she took over as Owner and CEO of Centerco Properties

Debi was a member of Vistage Executive Group for 11 years, and she has 20 years of experience in Commercial Leasing and Lease Negotiations. These skills provide her with a solid foundation to work successfully with clients and vendors, but her energy and enthusiasm are what make her unique.

Executive Administrator

Tricia Cruz

Tricia Cruz was initially hired by Centerco in 2014 as the Manager of Centerco Office Suites in Creve Coeur. As she gained experience, she moved to the corporate office as Executive Administrator, managing the bookkeeping and leasing for the various properties.

Tricia’s sales and customer service experience in the beverage and hotel industries provide her with an ideal background. She works diligently to understand what clients are looking for and finds options that benefit their individual needs.

Tricia holds a Salesperson license in the State of Missouri and is a Certified Notary Public.

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