Tenant Spotlight – May ’21

Whole Root Health – Dr. Hunter Overley

Whole Root Health, LLC is owned and operated by Dr. Hunter Overley, DC. Originally from Louisiana, Dr. Overley had planned to study emergency medicine in the Midwest. He was soon drawn to the study of chronic health conditions. As he studied and battled with his own autoimmune issue, he found that traditional medications caused more side effects than relief, and he wanted to focus on preventative measures natural medicine.

Through his schooling, and with the help of several knowledgeable doctors, Hunter began practicing applied kinesiology. Within one year, he was living a symptom-free life without surgery. After obtaining his doctorate, he became the first Systems Health Care certified Applied Kinesiologist in St. Louis.

Dr. Overley uses both applied kinesiology and muscle testing to provide individualized care to all of his patients. He treats a large number of conditions including, but not limited to: fatigue, immune system dysfunctions, and hormonal imbalances. His goal is to help his patients restore their health and empower them to keep it.

Dr Hunter Overley is currently taking new clients and prefers to be contacted by phone or email.

Find out more at: Wholeroothealth.com

Email: doc@wholeroothealth.com
Phone: 314-474-7070

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