A COVID Thanksgiving


Being socially distant doesn’t have to equal being alone on Thanksgiving. The CDC and the State of Missouri recommend limiting our physical contact with others, but we can still enjoy the celebrations. Here’s some ideas for this unique holiday event.


Consider hosting an outdoor gathering. Weather.com’s forecast for St. Louis calls for a high of 58′ and a very low chance of rain. This is perfect weather for a picnic in the park or a firepit lit in the backyard. It’s still best to have your guests wear masks when they aren’t eating and stay 6ft apart from each other, but with this option, you’ll get to see Aunt Susan and the kids.

If your family is nearby, you could pre-cook and pre-package meal items to be delivered/swapped on Thanksgiving Day. Have your mom make her famous mashed potatoes, you make the best green beans you can manage, and Uncle John can make the turkey. Each of you will create individual servings and exchange your containers in a safe, socially-distant manner. There’s no need for you to miss out on one of the best meals of the year because of a pandemic.

Virtual meetups have become a staple of society, and this can absolutely be utilized for Thanksgiving. Keep yourself and your family safe by staying home to watch the big game. Purewow.com lists 7 super easy ways to do exactly this. 

No matter what you decide to do this holiday season, pay attention to your community’s COVID guidelines, make informed decisions, and stay safe. 



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