The Tech Resources You Need to Help Achieve Solopreneurial Bliss

The Tech Resources You Need to Help Achieve Solopreneurial Bliss

By Guest Blogger Courtney Rosenfeld with Gigspark

It’s not easy being a one-man (or woman) show. This is something that many a solopreneur could attest to. Just think of the many things required to run a business and imagine dealing with each one by your lonesome—definitely not for the fainthearted, is it? Thankfully, technology has made myriad tasks so much easier to perform, so solopreneurship is no longer the tall order that it used to be.

So if it’s success as a solopreneur that you’re after, leveraging technology to your advantage and convenience is definitely the way to go. Here are a few of the kind of tech-oriented support you can benefit from.

Online help

Here’s a tip—don’t take the “solo” in solopreneur too seriously! While you are, of course, likely to do the bulk of the revenue-generating work yourself, there are actually no hard and fast rules against getting help. In fact, there are probably some aspects of your business that you know little to nothing of, and Due actually recommends outsourcing tasks like writing and email management. Getting outside help when you need it is quite prudent, not to mention less time-consuming and cost-effective.

Case in point, a professional website may just be the thing you need to get the word out on your products and/or services. However, you might not have the skills to create one that speaks of professionalism and gravitas. Thankfully, it’s easy enough these days to connect online with freelancers skilled in myriad tasks, including web development for your website. With all that in mind, hiring professional developers to create your online space is a really sound investment.

Bear in mind that with so many freelancers offering their services on the web today, you also need to be able to find people who are truly reliable and are as skilled as they purport to be. In this scenario, Upwork notes you will need to ensure any JavaScript developers you consider have a workable knowledge of web fundamentals. They should be well-versed in JavaScript frameworks and know ECMAScript. Experience in Express.js, Node.js, Horizon, and other back-end tech is also a must.

Online tools

In the case of tasks that you can do yourself, don’t beat yourself up and make them harder than they need to be. Rather, make your life considerably easier by taking advantage of the thousands upon thousands of online tools available today that are designed to help you perform a plethora of tasks.

As a solopreneur, you will generally need systems for project management, invoicing and payments, calendar management and scheduling, email and social media marketing, and photo editing and graphic design, so apps that perform these functions will be great investments for you.

Another great tool to have in your arsenal is an online dictation tool that you can use to record meetings or dictate notes and emails. What makes this tool quite nifty is that it not only saves you time but it also increases accuracy and efficacy, which are incredibly important in your day-to-day. You can then get these recordings transcribed into text, often for a small fee, for use in your website, email, proposals, and many more.

Online devices

Of course, to be able to access these tools and resources, as well as perform your many business tasks, you will also need to have a reliable device (or several). Today, internet connectivity is an absolute must, so it’s definitely in your best interest to invest in reliable gadgets and an equally reliable internet or data connection.

A laptop is always a great and flexible device to have, especially when you’re constantly on the move, as it can serve as a mobile office of sorts. But if you’re more desk- or office-bound, a desktop computer can provide a great deal more power, too. Moreover, you will likely also need to have a portable or two, such as a smartphone or tablet, to help you stay on top of your communications and tasks.

Suffice it to say, what a time to be alive, indeed, especially if you’re a solopreneur. So be brave enough to ride the cresting waves of technology and innovation, all the way to solopreneurial success. The journey of a lifetime starts now.

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