Office Spring Cleaning

“…if you do your Spring cleaning in January; guess what you don’t have to do in the spring? Anything.”

Michael Scott
The Office

Springtime is almost here and now is the time to get a head start on cleaning your office! According to a recent study by the Bureau of Labor, statistics show that working adults spend twice as much time in the office as they do in their home. Even professionals who work from home can spend more time in their “home” office than in the living space! Here are a few tips we found for gearing up for this next season:

Tip #1: Organize Paperwork

I know, I know, your desk is “cluttered chaos”. But let’s get real – how many times have you sworn to yourself that you’ll clean off your desk…on Monday.

Tip #2: Throw It Away

That pen you have to scratch 10 times to get it to write? The Hershey’s kiss that’s been sitting on your desk since Valentine’s Day (guilty)? I’m here to tell you – it’s OKAY to throw it away (or give it to your favorite client!).

Tip #3: Prioritize What’s On Your Desk

You know those drawers under your desk or that filing cabinet that holds up your printer? It’s actually made for storing things! Keeping things that you only use once in a blue moon on your desk will only keep your mind cluttered and unfocused. They say you should only keep the things you need at arm’s length, so go ahead and throw those take-out menus in the drawer.

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