Virtually Possible

Virtually Possible

In 2018, more and more businesses are turning to remote offices rather than a traditional office setting. Cloud-based technology such as Google Cloud allows companies and employees to communicate remotely and reduces the need for a physical office. This can cut down on telecommuting and operating costs – which can be especially enticing for small businesses! 

     According to a study done by Forbes magazine, 62% of workers said their productivity rises when working remotely and 81% agreed that remote working increases their satisfaction in their job. In fact, websites such as Flex Jobs are making the job search easier for employees who want to work from home or need a more flexible schedule than the traditional “8-5”. 

     Although the concept of working remotely has taken off, many small businesses don’t want their home to be their “hub”. In fact, many counties and cities will not allow some professionals to use a home address as a business address.

     As a solution to this problem, some property management companies are now offering Virtual Addresses. This gives businesses the freedom to work remotely, while having a professional address to give clients and prospects. 

Centerco Office Suites has several options that can give business owners the flexibility they need without breaking the bank. From professional addresses to conference rooms and daily office rentals – we’ve got what you need.

Check out our Virtual Lease Options and let us know how we can help your business grow!

By: Andrea Graham

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