Best Applications for Booking Appointments & Meetings

Life is busy, and scheduling meetings, booking appointments, and even penciling in time for a social life can be difficult. How many times have you made the mistake of agreeing to a meeting at your office and telling yourself “I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it!” only forget all about it a few minutes later. Even when you plan to write something down, it’s all too easy to get distracted before the appointment is properly booked on your calendar. These applications help you organize your own meetings and appointments, and many of them have the ability to make group meetings simpler as well.

Google Calendar user? This application is for you!

Pick is a great application for scheduling meetings for teams working on Google Calendars. This app automatically scans every invitees Google Calendar in order to find available time slots. Once it has completed the scan, it shoots back a list of mutually available times. The meeting organizer can then choose a time and send a calendar invite to everyone directly from the app.

Empower Your Clients to Make the Appointment is fantastic if you often need to book appointments with clients. They offer a free service plan that allows you to make a custom URL to share with your clients. The link will allow clients to view a calendar that shows time slots you have available and simply request a time. This saves you endless back and forth emails with proposed times! even offers the ability to customize your booking page with your logo, colors, and different layouts.

Group Scheduling & App Integrations

Calendy works with both Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar. This application also gives you a custom URL that allows coworkers and clients to view your availability. The free plan has basic features for two person meetings, while the premium plan offers group scheduling with pooled availability options, customizable meeting notifications and reminders, and more app integrations, amongst other things.  One unique ability that Calendy offers (in the premium version) are event types such as 15 Minute Phone Call, 60 Minute In Person Meeting, 30 Minute check in, etc. Narrowing in on the specific type of meeting could really clear up some time in your calendar.

Team Scheduling from Different Time Zones…Solved!

Doodle is good choice for teams who have trouble picking group meeting times. Instead of just scanning calendars for available time slots, Doodle has a polling capability. The meeting organizer picks a date and time options, then the group votes on what times work best for them. This is great for teams working in multiple time zones, as it allows every team member to weigh in on a time that is both free and convenient for them. Meetings across multiple time zones often lead to someone waking up extra early, working extra late, interrupting their family dinner, or other such inconveniences. Doodle helps avoid those problems.

Appointment Booking WITH Payment Accepting

This appointment booking app also allows clients to view your availability and easily schedule appointments, with the added benefit of accepting payment at the same time. This is perfect for anyone who charges for meetings, as you can accept payments and send invoices directly from the app. This user-friendly app works great on mobile, making it extra simple to schedule meetings on the go. Square can even send text message reminders to attendees to reduce the risk of no-shows. The payment process allows you to stipulate cancellation fees as well, so you can protect yourself from last-minute cancellations and changes.

Whatever application you choose, Centerco Office Suites offers appointment booking for virtual office and private office space members. We are happy to work with you and make your scheduling even simpler! The bottom line is, you should spend more time on the work you do best, and less time planning out meetings!

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