Centerco Office Suites: Five years helping small businesses grow

Centerco Office Suites in Creve Coeur is proud to announce their 5-year anniversary of helping small business owners flourish. At Centerco, small business owners lease contemporary, co-working office space and get so much more! Leasing from Centerco Office Suites has helped over 40 small business owners who were working from home grow their businesses by sharing office space with other like-minded business owners. This has created a culture where members not only grow their own businesses, but they network, innovate, share and collaborate with the other members as well.

When father-daughter team Arthur Loomstein and Debi Blanchard set forth to build Centerco Office Suites in 2011, they were inspired to go beyond bland, basic office spaces and build a cohesive, welcoming office center that would inspire creativity while advocating for their members. They succeeded with state-of-the-art conference rooms, office suites, shared common areas like a waiting area, lounge and kitchen; virtual and satellite offices. To complete their ideal full-service small business center, they also added amenities like a receptionist to field all calls, administrative assistant services, a mail and copy center, IT assistance, and discounted office supplies. Centerco Office Suites even has a commercially equipped 7-day, 24-hour gym!

A community within a community

As Centerco has grown, their members and employees have become a diverse community with one common goal: to cultivate their businesses. “Hiring Office Manager Tricia Cruz three years ago was one of our biggest accomplishments. She has not only helped fill the office center with amazing clients, she excels in building a networking environment and is a reliable presence that everyone can count on,” says Debi Blanchard.

In the past few years, in addition to a general uptick in members’ ROI, there have been countless members who have done business together and helped each other grow–that makes the Centerco team proud. “That is our ‘why;’ we love to see small businesses grow and succeed in our space. We enjoy providing a comfortable, hospitable atmosphere for our members and their clients,” says Debi Blanchard.

Tools for success

For five years the team at Centerco Office Suites has been helping small business owners get out of their homes and into an office environment that fosters growth. They’ve proven rising to the next level of business can be as simple as having a professional address or a full-time receptionist answering calls, and that measurable growth happens when individuals come together and build comradery.

Centerco Office Suites is more than simply leased office space–small business owners who are part of the Centerco community thrive and reach their goals. “From professional services to low-cost office supplies, we have gone the extra mile to advocate for clients so that they may remain focused on moving their business forward,” says Tricia Cruz. And moving forward they are.

For more information, contact Tricia Cruz at 314-558-4200 or stop by for a tour; 11628 Old Ballas Road, St. Louis, 63141, or send an email,


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