It's Time to Start Organizing Your Office

It’s time to organize your office space once and for all so you can stop searching for pens and losing important documents. Organization may not seem exciting or sustainable, but it is possible to create a system that works for you. Try tackling one of these tasks a day for one week and you’ll find yourself working in a much more organized office.

1. Untangle your cables

Cables that resemble a nest of angry snakes are not great for productivity or stress levels. No one wants to battle a cable tangle every time they need to plug in their laptop. Grab a few binder clips and create handy cable holders at the edge of your desk. You’ll never have to crawl around on the floor searching for your phone charger again!

cords organized

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You can even spruce up the plain binder clips with spray paint or washi tape!

2. Get administrative help

This task just might end up being your favorite one on the list. If you find yourself getting behind on emails, jotting phone messages down on post-its and then losing them, or continuously forgetting to mail those important documents, Centerco Office Suites can help. We have full secretarial services and phone answering services available, as well as office mail, printing, and copying services. Let our professional administrative team handle the organization of your phone messages and get those packages and documents in the mail and off your desk.

3. Move the papers off your desk

Paper clutter is a huge organizational obstacle for most people. It can be difficult to avoid tossing papers onto your desk and telling yourself that you’ll deal with them later. You can organize your office much more easily if you move your filing system to the wall.

Wall Files

This simple hack will force you to immediately categorize your paperwork, making it easier for you to stay on top of your paper organization. It will also keep papers safely in their place, instead of lying around your desk where they risk coffee spills or slipping behind your desk and onto the floor.

4. Create your own office supplies holder

Isn’t it easier to keep things organized if you actually like using the organizational tools? This cheap and easy craft shows you how to make the perfect office supply holder for your desk.

Pencil Holder

This project will help you organize your office and save money by getting a bit crafty. That’s a win-win!

5. Clear off your desk at the end of each workday

Take a few minutes at the end of each day to clear off your desk. Put away all those loose paperclips and pens, file the leftover papers, put away your coffee mug, and leave your workspace clean. This small step allows you to walk into an organized office each morning, which can do wonders for your motivation and mood at the beginning of each day.

Some businesses realize that they don't have the space at home for an office or their home office is creating chaos and less organization. If you’re looking for the perfect executive office space with plenty of amenities, take a look at what Centerco Office Suites has to offer!

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