DIY Office Décor- Simple, Budget Friendly Office Décor

You most likely spend a good chunk of your week in your office, so shouldn’t the space be something you actually like looking at? Office décor doesn’t have to be expensive for it to be aesthetically pleasing. Here at Centerco we provide great spaces that are easily customized to your personal tastes. Everyone is welcome to paint & truely make their space their own. We love seeing the personal touches that our tenants add to their office spaces, so we thought we’d put together some of our favorite budget-friendly, DIY office decor ideas for you to try out.

Work with what you’ve got

One of the easiest ways to get started with decorating your office is to work with materials you already have lying around such as binder clips, sharpies, dry erase markers, paper, and a printer. This tutorial shows you how to glam up some ordinary binder clips which can be used to hang up photos, motivational cards, and even supplies.


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We also love the idea of a to-do list that is fun to look at and reusable. All you’ll need for this diy project is picture frame and patterned tape or paper. Once you place the pretty tape or paper behind the glass, you’ll have a lovely reusable dry erase board that you can scribble notes on and erase over and over again.

If you’re in need of wall art, free printables are an excellent way to keep costs down and wow factor high.  Inspirational quote printables like these can be printed and slapped on your wall within minutes. You can also use your previously created glamorous binder clips or even some dollar store frames to really highlight these fun designs.

Add some life to your desk

Nothing freshens up an office like a live office plant! Of course, the last thing you want is a high maintenance plant that quickly turns into an ugly brown mess on your desk. Try low-maintenance but high reward plants, such and tiny succulents that take up just a little bit of space but have a big impact of overall appeal.


You can even make your plant work double duty by choosing one that also purifies the air. Spider plants are notoriously easy to grow because they do well in indirect sunlight and don’t need constant watering. Spider plants also remove pollutants like formaldehyde and xylene from the air, which are often found in offices due to the printer ink. If your office lacks sunlight and you want something with a bit of fragrance, peace lilies are a great option. Peace lilies grow well in shady areas and remove pollutants such as ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.


Bring a bit of Zen to your workspace

Your office space décor can also serve as a calming presence if you create your very own Zen garden. We love options that include easy-to-find and cheap materials such as small plants, sand, and smooth stones. This tutorial uses brightly colored sands that really make the garden stand out while still giving you the calming effects of drawing designs in the sand while you brainstorm. If sand is not your thing, try a DIY Zen garden like this one that focuses on stones.

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Spruce up your bulletin board

Corkboards are cheap, but they certainly aren't very chic. However, this simple tutorial will show you how to use fabric and metallic pushpins to make a bulletin board that is both good looking and functional. Won’t your photos and take out menus look so much better on a decorated board?


We can’t wait to see what DIY projects will pop up in your Centerco office space!


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