Executive Office Space vs. Traditional Office Space

All office space is not created equal. There are many differences between traditional office space and executive office space, all of which should play into your decision when deciding which type of office space makes the most sense for your business. Here are several aspects you should consider when choosing between the two.

Office Space Maintenance

In a traditional office space, the business is generally responsible for maintaining both their own office space as well as a portion of common areas. That means that on top of your rent, you’ll be charged cleaning and Common Area Maintenance fees. You won’t have to worry about those extra charges with an executive office space. At Centerco, daily cleaning service is included in your rent.
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Conference Room Fees

In most traditional offices spaces, you’ll be allotted your own conference room, which will raise the overall cost of your rent. Even if the office space allows you to reserve the conference space only when you need it, you’ll likely be charged an hourly rate. At Centerco Office Suites, the conference rooms are shared, so you won’t have to pay any additional rent. At Centerco Office Suites, our private office space rental plans include a certain amount of conference room hours per month, so you won’t need to pay any extra fees when you need more space for meetings, workshops, trainings, and more.


Coffee & Kitchen Appliances

An office cannot run smoothly without coffee, right? If you try to run a business without coffee, you’ll likely end up with some pretty grumpy employees. In a traditional office space, the business owner will be responsible for providing the machine, coffee, mugs, sugar, and creamer, not to mention the cleaning and maintenance of the machine.  You might also be responsible for getting a microwave and fridge so that your employees can pack lunch from home. Here at Centerco, you’ll get free coffee service, all day every day. You’ll also have access to a fridge and microwave. No need to allot space in your budget for kitchen and coffee supplies!

Copiers, Phone, and Internet

It would be difficult to run a business without a copier, phone service, and a solid internet connection. However, a traditional office space will not include any of these things in your basic rent. You’ll need to supply your own copier and pay for your own phone and internet service. An executive office space will take care of these headaches for you so that you can walk into your office on the first day and get down to work. Centerco also offers mail, printing, and copying services for an extra fee, which is perfect for anyone who might need a little extra help in that area, but doesn’t have the room in the budget to hire an employee to take care of those tasks.

Reception and Secretarial Services

If your business requires a receptionist, you’ll have to cover the costs of hiring your own employee if you choose a traditional office space. Even if you hire a part-time employee, those costs can really add up. At an executive office space, a receptionist who can greet your clients will be included in your office rent. Centerco Office Suites also offers additional administrative services such as data entry, Customer Relationship Management, billing, transcription, bookkeeping, email support, social media marketing, and phone answering service. These admin services come at a reasonable hourly rate instead of a package, so you can choose to take advantage of the services only when you need them.

When it comes to choosing between a traditional office space and an executive office space, a lot of it comes down to how much time and money you want to spend on things outside of your actual business. If you want to spend your time working on your business and not worrying about whether or not you remembered to order more coffee or if the copier is jammed again, an executive office space is the better choice!

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