4 Reasons Why Every Small Business Owner Should Blog

Have you been avoiding blogging? Small business owners are often quick with excuses such as “I just don’t have the time” or “I don’t see the real value in blogging.” We’re here to tell you that every small business owner should blog, and we have some solid reasons to back up that claim!

1. Blogs provide great SEO Opportunities

Targeting specific keywords that potential customers might search in Google is a great way to bring people to your website. You can optimize your website and load it up with your desired keywords, but there is a limit to how much you can do with your standard webpage. Blogging provides a different avenue to put your SEO skills to use. Each blog can target a different keyword and provide more opportunities for your website to show up in search results. Blogs also allow you to target long-tail keywords and phrases. Our website may attract people searching “small business” but this blog targets the long tail keyword “make your small business seem big.”  Many people type questions or problems into a Google search, and your blog could easily provide the answer. For example, small business owners often struggle with work/life balance and how to take a vacation, so we wrote a blog that gives them a solution to that issue.

2. Google loves blogs

Google keeps an eye on websites by periodically crawling them to check for new or updated content. Posting blogs regularly will ensure that Google sees that your site is always adding fresh content. Websites that are updated on a consistent basis often show up higher in search results because Google gives preference to high quality, active websites.

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3. Blogs help customers get to know you better

Potential customers might click around your website to get more information about your services and reputation, but a blog gives you an opportunity to add a more personal touch to your branding. You can use your blog to humanize your brand and make your customers aware of the fact that there are real people behind the website. Blogs are a great place to celebrate office accomplishments, show off photos from company picnics, and put a spotlight on great employees.  You can also use your blog to interact with your customers through the comment section. We even like to use our blog to shine the spotlight on our own customers through our Featured Community Member series.

4. It’s cheap marketing

Blogs are a great way to market your products and services without spending a ton on advertising. You can easily highlight your services in informative blog posts, such as our post, Why You Should Consider Daily Office Space Rental. Blogs allow you to give a soft sales pitch in a more casual setting. Of course, not every blog has to have plug your exact services. Our blog, 5 Small Business Mistakes You Can Avoid is informative and helps establish Centerco as an authority, but does not try to push any specific product or service. Remember, marketing doesn’t always have to be incredibly direct. A helpful blog is just as valuable as a blog that highlights your business because customers like to feel that companies are interested in their overall success.

Here at Centerco we strive to blog on a regular basis for all of these reasons and more. Check out a few more of our favorite blogs from 2016:

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