How to Connect with Other Entrepreneurs in 2016

Networking with fellow entrepreneurs is incredibly beneficial for both your social and business growth. When you have an entrepreneurial spirit, it’s easy to get wrapped up in your own ideas, get stuck in your own ways, and isolate yourself. Spending time with like-minded individuals can provide opportunities to workshop business plans, bounce ideas off of people with similar business experience, and expand your business contacts. There are many ways to connect with entrepreneurs, so make sure you take the time to network.

1. Join a coworking space

Getting out of your regular workspace every so often is a great way to open your mind up and shake you out of a rut. Haven’t you ever decided to spend the day with your laptop at a coffee shop just for a change of scenery? Coworking spaces are like coffee shops full of fellow entrepreneurs. The lattes might not be as fancy, but the conversations you will strike up will most certainly be more valuable.

Centerco Community Members are always invited to a monthly Breakfast Club at Centerco, which happens the first Wednesday of every month. While members are welcome to free coffee and water every day of the month, on Breakfast Club days Centerco kicks it up a notch with items such as donuts, fruit, waffles, and eggs. You can chow down, in our community lounge, area while you chat up other members and find out what their business is all about.

2. Stay active on Twitter


It may seem counterintuitive to seek social interaction from your phone screen, but Twitter is actually an incredible resource for valuable connections. Twitter is fast-paced and to the point, so there is not room for fluff or long-winded pitches. You can scroll through for breaking news within your industry or seek out relevant hashtags. Small actions such as retweeting someone or giving shout outs can go a long way on Twitter. Step up your Twitter networking game and start connecting.

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3. Attend conferences


Search out conferences within your industry and make a point to attend a couple that really interest you. Conferences offer educational panels that can help you improve your business, but they also create a space full of highly motivated entrepreneurs who are prepared to network. You’ll have countless chances to start casual conversations that could easily turn into an important professional contact. Most conferences also offer opportunities to set up more formal one-on-one meetings so that you can ensure you get some face time with an entrepreneur you truly admire.

4. Attend meetups


If conferences don’t fit into your schedule or budget, consider attending local or online meetups. It’s always good to follow your favorite organizations on social media to keep up with their events, but there are also sites dedicated specifically to meetup events. For online meetings and forums, check out If you want to interact in person, search out groups on If you don’t see something that interests you, create a meetup of your own!

Networking is an essential aspect of growing a business that will remain successful and relevant. Don’t hide in your own little world when you could be swapping stories, ideas, and advice with fellow talented professionals!

Step up your networking by joining the Centerco Office Suites community. Contact us today to schedule your tour!

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