How to Create a Modern Office Space

You most likely spend around 40 hours a week in your office. During that time you need to be comfortable and productive, which is difficult if you don’t really like the space. When you are setting up your office space, you want to make sure you have a good balance of functionality and style. So how can you create a modern office space?
modern office space

Find an office space that you can customize

Everyone’s idea of a productive modern office space is different. An office design that may work great for one company may not work for you and your team at all. Finding an office space that you can customize to fit your company’s specific needs and style is essential. If you love cubicles, install them! If you prefer a more open floor plan, go with it. Nothing is worse than being locked into a desk setup that is awkward and not conducive to the type of work your business does.
So what sort of things can really make your modern office space a great place to work?

Bring in some furniture

Desks and rolling chairs aren’t the only furniture that belong in an office. Modern office spaces often incorporate comfortable chairs for brainstorming sessions, couches for breaks, and tables that can bring the look and feel of the room together or serve as extra working space when you have a lot of people in the office. You can even use your furniture to create great looking storage solutions. Wouldn’t a bookshelf with nice bookends be a better place to store office supplies than a clunky old filing cabinet? Be creative and put some thought into the overall look of your office space. You don’t want your office to be a dumping ground for old couches and half-broken shelves, so keep the big picture in mind when choosing furniture.


Work shouldn’t be boring, and neither should your office. Personalize your walls with artwork and decor that show off your company’s personality. Photography and art by local artists can show your clients that you are dedicated to supporting local businesses and artisans. A clean, minimalist look can say that you are serious and organized. Whatever it is you want to say, use your decor to say it. It’s incredible what a few simple touches such as some throw pillows on the couch or a nice painting on a blank wall can do to improve an office.

Start with the basics and build from there

Obviously, finding a great place to set up your business takes precedence over things like paintings and comfy chairs, so just start with the basics! Here at Centerco Office Suites, we provide you with basics like water and coffee service and internet from day one. We offer a wide variety of office floor plans, so you can choose the space that will work best for you and your team. Creating your modern office space doesn’t have to be difficult. We can talk to you about what you need and what would help your team be productive. We’re confident we can find the right space for your business!

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