First Impressions: Creating an Executive Office Space

Your place of business and how it is set up says a lot about the work you do. It’s important to have a professional space that instills a sense of confidence and presents your business as trustworthy, professional and reliable. When setting up your executive office space, you’ll want to keep both your employees and clients in mind.

First impressions are important

Chances are, the reception area is the first thing current and potential clients will see, so it’s important to pay special attention to the look and feel of this space. If you anticipate waiting times, make sure you have comfortable seating, like a couch and a few chairs. Keep in mind that while people are waiting, their eyes will be wandering, so consider adding some framed photos and fresh flowers. Magazines and other reading material are waiting room standards, but don’t just toss out whatever magazines you have laying around. Keeping the tables stocked with recent issues of magazines that are relevant to your industry and clientele will show an attention to detail that clients will surely appreciate.

Don’t skimp on the coffee and furniture.

Surveys consistently show that employees (and clients) truly appreciate a quality cup of coffee, so when choosing coffee machines and brews, make sure you are choosing high quality items. Employees also report that they prefer flexible office setups with more social space and rooms that allow for collaboration. These flexible spaces can double as places to meet with clients, so make sure they are professional, yet comfortable.

coffee is essential for any executive office space
Good coffee is a must for any executive office space

An executive office space should be organized

To Do Doing Done put this in simple terms:

Clutter sucks creativity and energy from your brain.

If your office, work space or desk are a mess, your overall productivity will inevitably suffer. Each employee might have an organizational system that works for their own desk, but the executive office space should have a good system in place for storing supplies, providing access to amenities, and storing files.

An organized office is a productive office

Office supplies should be organized and easy-to-find but kept out of sight. Amenities like water, coffee and snacks should have their own place as well, like a break room or kitchenette area. Keeping these things separate from work areas not only keeps the office more organized but also allows employees to take much-needed breaks. Quick walks to the coffee machine or even to the supply closet give employees a chance to look away from a screen and stretch their legs, which in turn increases their ability to concentrate on their work.
When it comes to storing files, considering ditching the filing cabinets and going digital. Going paperless not only frees up more space in the office but also increases accuracy and organization.
When setting up your executive office space, it’s essential to keep your business’s unique needs in mind. Make sure you do your research before spending money on an office that might not end up working for you and your team.

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