5 Hacks to Make Your Small Business Seem Big

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Having a small business is great, but sometimes making yourself seem bigger will work to your advantage. Prospective clients often tend to place more confidence in larger, more established companies. While we all know that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, sometimes it’s smart to give the illusion of a larger company until you can win the client over with your impressive business skills.
So how can you make your small business seem bigger?  Try out these 5 easy hacks.

1. Get a Virtual Office

Having a virtual office takes care of several things that give you away as a small business. By paying for a virtual office, you can gain access to a professional business address as well as on-site package receiving services. If you are running a business out of your home, this is a great way to avoid potential clients looking you up on Google Maps and finding out your “office” is in the middle of a neighborhood.
A virtual office can also provide access to a real-live secretary who can field your phone calls and take messages. Sending your clients through a human instead of an answering service gives the illusion of a bigger business with more employees. Plus, most potential clients will appreciate getting to talk to a person instead of a machine when making first contact.
You can also use a virtual office to your advantage when you are meeting with clients. Even though you won’t be working on site on a daily basis, a virtual office will grant you access to shared conference rooms, which means you can reserve a room whenever you need a professional space to meet up with a client, allowing them to see you in an environment that looks bigger and more established than a home office.

2. Get a professionally designed website

professionally design websiteNothing will give you away faster than having a clunky, out-of-date website. While it’s tempting to just toss up a template with a hastily-written About Us page and a phone number, the overall look and feel of your website could very well make or break you when it comes to potential clients. If your website looks like it was put together in 10 minutes, what does that say about your commitment to quality when it comes to your work? Invest in a professionally designed website that looks great and functions well. If you want to keep the size of your company a bit vague, make sure the “About Us” section is focused on your business as a whole and refer to your “Team” instead of your few individual employees.

3. Get a business email address

Do you really want your business card to say Mikesbiz@yahoo.com? Ditch your personal email address and set up an email that is @yourdomain.com. You can easily set this up through your website host or even though Gmail. It’s a simple process that will immediately step up your business credibility.

4. Use Day Office Space Rental

day office rental centerco office suitesYour small business might not be ready for a full-time office space, but that doesn’t mean you have to meet all of your clients in a coffee shop. If you’ve got an important in-person meeting on your calendar, make a reservation to rent an office for the day. Day office space rental is a cheap way to make your small business look bigger simply by setting up your laptop in a rented room.

5. Build up your social media following

If you have a great LinkedIn network on your personal profile, leverage that by setting up a business page and connecting with as many people as possible. Also, don’t neglect other platforms like Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn shows you have professional connections, but social sites show that clients are interested in what you have to say. A small company with 10,000+ followers looks bigger and more established than a company of the same size with only 500 followers.
Getting your small business off the ground has plenty of challenges, but don’t let your perceived size be one of them! These hacks will help you strut your stuff in front of potential clients who might have written you off too quickly had they assumed you were a smaller operation.

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