What's the Difference Between Virtual Offices and PO Boxes?

When you have an at-home business, you will likely not want to list your home address on professional client facing documents. Thankfully, you have a few options to choose from when it comes to getting a professional mailing address. The one most people consider is a PO box because of its low cost and often close proximity to your home office. Another option you have is to get a virtual office. There are lots of advantages virtual offices have over PO boxes, here are a few.

Personal Service

When you have a virtual office at Centerco, we have a receptionist available during business hours to sign for your packages and notify you when a package or important mail arrives. Having someone to keep track of what is coming in makes it much easier to have a handle your workload.

SEO Advantages

We are sure you have heard of the benefits of search engine optimization a time or two. Did you know that PO boxes are not eligible when registering your business on Google? That is a HUGE hit on your SEO potential. Having a professional street address that a virtual office provides allows you to add your business to a wide variety of search directories in order to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to find your business.

Professional Address

Speaking of a professional street address, unfortunately, PO box addresses have gotten a bad reputation for being connected to fishy businesses. With a virtual office address, you have to look of owning your very own office suite while working from home.

Free Access to Conference Rooms and our Copy Center

One of the best advantages of having a virtual office is that you can also hold your important meetings in our conference rooms. Since Centerco is centrally located in St. Louis, it is the perfect meeting spot for clients and gives you a very professional look. Also, those that own virtual offices at Centerco have access to our mail and copy center.

Easy to Expand

If your business begins to outgrow your home office, Centerco offers office suites to fit your needs. You can easily find a new home for your business with Centerco if a virtual office is not enough any longer. When your business needs to find a new home, contact us to schedule a tour and get more information!

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