How Your Business Grows With Satellite Offices

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Are you considering opening up a satellite office (or several)? It just might be what your business needs to grow and improve. If your company’s business covers a wide range of locations, satellite offices can be an incredibly effective way to keep costs low and productivity high. Here’s how a satellite office can help your business grow.

Expand your hiring radius

If you only have one office, you are limited to hiring people who live relatively close to that office, meaning you won’t necessarily be able to choose from the best workers. Satellite offices allow you to source candidates from more areas. One option is to set up multiple satellite offices, placing a few employees at each small office, based on where they live. Another option is to set up a work-from-home model and use satellite offices occasionally for meetings or backup offices. No matter how you set it up, having satellite offices opens your business up to covering more ground when it comes to employees and customers.

Cut back on commuting time

Do you really want your best team members spending hours getting to and from work every day instead of working on projects and putting their valuable skills to use? Satellite offices are an excellent option if you have employees or customers in an area that is a little far from your main office. You can use the satellite office to allow employees to work closer to home, which will significantly cut back on transit time and keep your employees happier and more productive. Many workers will pass up a raise for a chance to work closer to home in order to cut back on money spent on commuting, so the cost of setting up a satellite office could actually be offset fairly easily.

Satellite offices are great meeting points for work from home employees

Many businesses are embracing work from home models that allow employees to telecommute from their own home offices. This is a great cost-saving measure and also has the obvious benefits of eliminating commute time. However, sometimes you want your team all in one place, and a satellite office is a great way to make that possible. Setting up a satellite office for important meetings, strategy sessions, and more can allow your team to enjoy the freedom of working from home while still having a rally point. You can also give your employees access to quality conference rooms and offices that are much better suited for meetings with clients than someone’s home office or a local coffee shop.

A quality backup

What if your internet service at home drops out? Or the route to one of your offices is plagued with construction? Satellite offices offer an excellent backup for any unforeseen circumstances. Even if the majority of your employees work from home most of the time, it’s helpful to have a place where the internet is guaranteed to be running quickly, coffee will be flowing, and the environment will be conducive to work.
Whether you are a business with multiple office locations, a company that employs mostly work-from-home employees, or simply a small business that needs a central location, satellite offices are an excellent option for expanding your business without overextending your budget. Offices at Centerco Office Suites can give you all the tools you need to be productive and serve as your home base whenever you need it. Contact us to see how to access our conference rooms, fiber internet, and work-friendly environment.

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