GUIDE: Best Questions to Ask When Leasing an Office

Is searching for office space similar to searching for an apartment? Honestly, it kind of is! It is a space you spend a great amount of your day in that you will want to enjoy. You will want to schedule a tour and view a few spaces before making your decision. And as you may or may not know, there are several questions you should ask before signing a lease on an apartment. The same goes for leasing an office space!
When you are looking for St. Louis office space, you likely have a checklist. Some checklist items may be:

  • Good location?
  • Big enough space?
  • Within your price range?

These are all common things we know to look for when office space hunting, but what are the things you don’t realize you should be asking? Many business owners are not sure because they do not know anyone who has ever rented office space. There are some things that are different about an office lease than an apartment lease. You will likely need a business license and many other things that never occurred to you.
That is why we put together this free downloadable guide that gives you a great list of questions you should ask when leasing an office. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs & business owners grow. There is nothing worse than unexpected charges in a contract you are locked into for years, so we always encourage questions from potential tenants and are completely transparent about our leasing agreements. In order to find the perfect home for your business, don’t forget to ask the important questions found in our downloadable guide.

Have questions for us? Feel free to call us at 314-558-4200 or contact us online. We are happy to help make your search for an office space easier in any way we can. For more information about our office options, click here.

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