How an Office Gym Helps You Save

It’s the New Year and you know what that means – time to get serious about hitting the gym more often. Fitness requires quite a bit of motivation, not to mention dedication. Hitting your goals at the gym is a challenge in itself, but one that comes with great rewards. However, the time commitment and money you spend on your gym membership can put a damper on your fitness journey. Spending extra money every month for access to a gym and then losing precious hours of sleep so that you can get up early enough to hit the gym before work can get overwhelming. So how can anyone be expected to stay on track?
Centerco Office Suites can make staying fit a lot simpler.
All Centerco tenants receive complimentary access to a state-of-the-art gym located in the same building as the office suites. Here are just a few benefits of an office gym

Save money on membership fees

office Amenities Centerco Office Suites 11The average monthly fee for a gym membership is in the United States is $58 (Source), which adds up to almost $700 over the course of a single year. That’s enough to take a date to dinner once a month or take a short vacation once a year! Just think about what you could do with an extra $50 or so a month! St. Louis is actually ranked fairly high on the list of monthly fitness costs, coming in at a whopping $105 per month. St. Louisians trying to get fit could easily end up spending over $1,200 just for gym access. If you thought $700 would get you a nice trip, just imagine what you could do with $1,200.
Renting an office suite at Centerco saves you the extra fees. You won’t pay a dime extra for access to the gym, so that $50-$100 bucks a month is yours to spend on whatever you want.

Save money on gas

Maybe you picked your gym because it was close to where you lived at the time, but you have since moved, or perhaps it’s in the complete opposite direction of your office. Either way, you end up spending just as much time driving to and from the gym as you spend actually working out. Meanwhile, your gas gauge is sinking lower and lower and you’re putting more money into your gas tank.
With an office at Centerco, you can combine your work and gym commutes into one trip. You can hit up the gym before work, hop in the shower, and simply walk to your desk. No need to start up your car or sit in any extra traffic.

Save time

Of course, saving gas isn’t the only value of skipping extra trips in your car. You’ll also be saving time – and isn’t your time valuable? By eliminating an extra drive to the gym you can get in a little bit more sleep, get to the office earlier so you can finish work or see friends and family in the afternoon. The point is, you won’t be wasting time in the car if your gym and office are in the same building.
Find your office’s new home at Centerco and start getting fit without breaking the bank with our office gym!

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