How Centerco Helps Your Business Grow

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There are ways that your office can help your business grow.

When considering where to put down roots for a small business, it can be a tempting reflex to only consider the aspects of the space that benefit us personally – such as proximity to our homes, the size of a suite and its ability to hold all of our office furniture and files. While all of this is truly important and worth consideration, it may be more prudent to consider the ways that a new office space can help you grow your business. At Centerco Office Suites, we strive to be more than just an office space. Instead, we are a space that supports entrepreneurs and innovation in the St. Louis region. We are building a community of business leaders.
Here are a few proven reasons Centerco Office Suites has helped our tenants grow their business and can help you as well.

Central location

“Having a centrally located office has saved me a ton of time. As a small business owner, every hour is critically important. Being in Creve Coeur, I’m just a short drive away from every client – and they don’t mind coming to me,” said Ike Eickenhorst, a Centerco community member about to start his third year in the space.
First and foremost, having a Creve Coeur office space is ideal for businesses of all sizes in the St. Louis area. Located in the heart of the 40/270 corridor, we’re 15 minutes from anywhere, making it an ideal place to invite clients. Real estate is all about location, location, location, and working in the Creve Coeur area puts you above the competition due to accessibility and better exposure. The Creve Coeur Chamber of Commerce is large and provides countless opportunities.

A Referral Network

Why It Might Be Time to Consider Renting Creve Coeur Office Space at Centerco Office suitesAt Centerco Office Suites, we like to consider ourselves a small business community that helps each other grow. Our network includes a wide array of business professionals working in various industries. It is not uncommon to see Centerco tenants collaborating on work projects together or just chatting about the craziness of being a business owner. Centerco is like working at a large corporate branch in the sense that you have several “office mates,” but you do not work for the same company. You always have a friend at Centerco that can refer you when you run into problems.

Saving money with discounted support

One of the greatest things about having an office space at Centerco is that there are often tenant to tenant discounts. Our community includes attorneys, marketing professionals, medical professionals, accountants, life coaches, massage therapists, counselors and more – many of whom choose to offer tenant-to-tenant discounts. This gives our tenants easy access to the professionals they need at a reduced cost.

Lower costs

Centerco Office Suites fosters business growth by providing them with a big business appearance at a lower cost by sharing amenities among community members – including a shared receptionist, kitchen, copier, fax machine and gym that keeps your costs down. This provides a professional appearance when clients visit and saves our entrepreneurs critical capital because the expenses of staff, costly office equipment, gym memberships, and more are already taken care of.
If you are looking for a Creve Coeur office space, give us a call at 314-558-4200 or fill out the form below to see how we can help your business.
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