What You Need to Know about Setting up a Virtual Office Space

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If you are looking into starting up your own business but aren’t ready to set up a brick and mortar office location, a virtual office space could be the perfect solution. You can get an executive address along with several services to give your business more authority, all while working from your own home office. These steps will help you prepare yourself for a fully functioning virtual business.

Choose a location

It’s important to have a dedicated space for your office. While you might be tempted to just work from bed in your pajamas, you aren’t very likely to be productive in that setup. A spare bedroom or area of your home should be set up with a desk, comfortable chair, good lighting and easy access to everything you need to work.

Stock your office with the necessary supplies

supply your virtual office space with all necessary office needsGet all the paper, pens, post-its and anything else you may need and make sure you have plenty of them. You don’t want to be in the middle of something important and realize you’ve lost your last pen. While you are stocking up, make sure you have ample storage space in the form of filing cabinets, desk organizers and more. A cluttered office is not conducive to a productive work environment. Also important is to always have backups of important supplies like ink. Printers can be especially temperamental, and you do not want to be at the mercy of the low ink warning mere minutes before you are supposed to be heading out the door with a printed report.
Of course, should you forget to restock your paper supply or just don’t feel like battling your printer’s errors, Centerco’s virtual office plan includes access to a robust printer and copy center.

Get a solid internet connection and phone line

If you are going to be working remotely and have your virtual office space, you will need to have a very strong internet connection and reliable phone service, not only for emails and regular website usage, but also for possible video conferences and calls. Nothing is more embarrassing than a shaky connection when you are trying to close a deal.
Naturally, internet problems and missing the occasional phone call are inevitable issues. That’s why it’s good to have a back up plan. By purchasing a Centerco virtual office, you can gain access to a regular receptionist who can field your calls and take messages when you aren’t available. If you are not comfortable giving out your home address to everyone you work with, you can also have packages sent to Centerco’s office and receive alerts you when you have a new delivery.
As for internet problems, should you have an unfortunate internet outage, you can add coworking space access onto your membership. Whether you have an internet issue or just want a change of scenery, you can drop in with a laptop and get some work done.
Being a virtual tenant gives you the best of both worlds. You can work from home and keep costs low but still have the executive authority of a physical address along with access to mail services, copiers, receptionists and conference rooms. Setting up a virtual business has never been easier. For more information, give us a call at 314-558-4200 or contact us here.

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