Featured Centerco Community Member: Nancy Fleming

nancy psychic medium creve coeur st louis entrepreneurMeet Nancy Fleming, owner of Readings by Nancy in Suite 207 at Centerco Office Suites. Nancy is a psychic medium who is a true entrepreneur. When she discovered her gift, she knew she had something special and that starting her own business was what she was meant to do. She joined the Centerco business community in November 2015 and we are happy to be the home of her growing business. We recently got the chance to catch up with Nancy and ask her a few questions about her business and what she does.

How long have you been doing readings?

March of 2011 I started doing readings for fun. I was spot on over and over. I just couldn’t miss! Family and friends told other family and friends, which brought people asking for readings. The more I read the more my gift opened up and it became apparent that I had something of a gift. It wasn’t possible to be this lucky over time. In May of 2011, I made a decision to charge for my services. In July of 2011, I began doing readings full time for myself as a business.

Have you always had the gift of being a psychic?

I’ve always known and felt things but really never thought I was different from anybody else until life completely turned me upside down and right side up. Then I just knew I  was different. I knew what I was supposed to do.

Is there any schooling involved?

Yes and No. No, you don’t have to get educated and may do quite well on your own.  Yes, if you desire to be exceptional in your field and confident in trusting the messages you receive. I chose to seek out and study with Lisa Williams and John Holland, both exceptional psychic mediums. I want to be the best of the best and felt a need to master my gift. I also teach others and continue to educate myself.

What does a reading consist of?

I will share your purpose, your present life and the journey ahead. I can tell what is helping and what is getting in your way. I can answer specific questions. I can also look at others in your life and relationships. I may share messages from your loved ones who have crossed. All  that is required from you is an open mind.

readings by nancy centerco entrepreneurWhy did you become an entrepreneur?

I had been a career person, a banker, for many years and I knew I no longer fit in that world. I knew I was good at what I did and I loved what I was doing! I wanted it for my life. I wanted to succeed. I wanted to follow my dream. I knew that I could be successful if I stepped into it and trusted. I also knew that if I would put my all into my own business, just as I had for others I worked for, I would be successful.

What advice would you have for an individual wanting to go out on their own as an entrepreneur?

First believe in yourself and your service or product! Own what you do and share it with everyone. You know that feeling you get when you’re doing something right or wrong? Learn to follow it! There is truth to the saying, “it takes some money to make money.”  You will have some upfront expenses. Keep good, organized, detailed records of everything. Market yourself everywhere – go big! Enjoy yourself and have fun. Know you will work harder for yourself than anybody else.
I have gone from readings out of my home on a part-time basis 4 years ago to a part time assistant and my own private office and I continue to grow.

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