Top 5 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

podcast microphone
By: Taylor Bartley
As business owners and entrepreneurs, it feels as if we get busier by the second. But with podcasts, we can stay on top of our game, fuel our motivation and feel a connection to other entrepreneurs who are going through the same things we are. If you are looking for a new program to add to your mix or want to start listening to a few series, here are a few we highly suggest.
1. Entrepreneur On Fire. This business podcast is hosted by John Lee Dumas and airs 7 days a week. Dumas interviews inspiring entrepreneurs to tell their stories in order to help guide you through your entrepreneurial journey. He has helped numerous business professionals and his site is equipped with even more tools to help you grow your company through new outlets.
2. Smart Passive Income. We really enjoy this podcast because the host, Pat Flynn, is incredibly transparent and honest. He has had lots of business experience and now makes a living on the internet. Tapping into the resources the internet has to offer for advancing your business can be a game changer and Pat Flynn is who you want as your teacher.
3. Mixergy. This podcast is hosted by business lover Andrew Warner who managed to build a $30+ million per year business when he was in his twenties. Since then, he created Mixergy in order to connect with experienced mentors and share their knowledge with you. Through interviews he does with these business leaders, his podcasts inspire you to make your company your passion and be successful while pursuing it.
4. Social Triggers Insider. This podcast is genius because it takes the psychology of business and marketing and applies it to real life situations to help make you more profitable. Derek Halpern teaches you how to sell through your writing, actions, social presence and more. You will feel like you were born to sell after listening to just a few podcasts.
5. Online Marketing Made Easy. This is for the business owners who really want to dig into their own marketing and be successful doing so. Amy Porterfield, a social media expert, has a way of breaking down technical pieces of social media to make them digestible and easy to understand. She provides countless resources for productivity and marketing and is the master of email list growing.

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