Why an Office Telephone May Be Best For Your Business

By: Taylor Bartley
As a small business owner, you may find that getting an office phone system is an unnecessary expense when you already have a cell phone. You may think, “If I already have a phone, why pay for another?” Have you thought about all of the things that an executive office phone system provides that your mobile cell phone cannot? Check out why you may want to consider an office phone system.

Professional appearancecenterco executive office phone

A huge benefit of having an executive office phone is that you have a receptionist answering the phone. He or she answers on behalf of your business and is able to answer questions for you to save you time. Also, with an office phone system you get the best of both worlds. You have a dedicated number for your business, which allows you to keep your business life and personal life separate. Also, when you are not in the office your professional number can be forwarded to your cell phone without clients even knowing. So for those who say, “An office phone does not allow me to be mobile” could not be more wrong.

Better reception and service

Is your office in an area that somehow ends up with no reception? We are sure you definitely did not plan on that when you moved in. Cell phones with horrible reception can make your business appear unprofessional. Not to mention, it can be extremely irritating for both parties! With an office phone system, this is not an issue. Clients, customers and employees can call you at your office and hear you crystal clear. It is most definitely a secure way to communicate throughout the day.


One of the most significant things to consider when deciding to get an office phone is all of the advanced features a phone system offers that your cell phone simply cannot. Call forwarding is often a huge advantage office phone systems offer. Others include having your voicemails sent to your email, hold music and a reliable voicemail & phone system. How many times has your phone randomly popped up with a voicemail from someone you had no idea called you in the first place? Cell phone reception causes numerous issues, but we will get to that soon.

Improves office communication

Most of us are guilty of using our computers for communication a little more than we should. There is no doubt that even with all the different forms of communication out there, telephones are here to stay. Many businesses are implementing no email days once a week. This is where their employees cannot send internal emails to coworkers. It encourages communication off of the screen and instead fosters conversations face to face or by telephone. Having a telephone system in your office encourages employees to call one another to ask questions, collaborate and more. Personal cell phones are often not an ideal way to communicate with a coworker. Plus, having to worry about the amount of minutes being used is definitely something no business owner wants deal with.

Cost control

Speaking of the cost of cell phone minutes, having an office phone could lower your costs substantially. You would not have to pay for a company phone or employee cell phone bills. With an office phone, you can review your telephone costs each month with ease.

Headsets = lifesavers

With your executive phone system, it is incredibly easy to start using a headset while talking on the phone. This frees your hands so you can be more productive while on your calls. Need to pull up a quick report? No problem when you don’t have to hold a phone to your ear. There are also wireless headsets so you can walk and talk (a great way for to stay fit while at the office). Since headsets are close to your mouth and stay in one place, your voice is consistent. You can also buy noise reducing headsets that allow the person you are speaking with you hear you and only you, a noisy office’s dream! Last but not least, getting in the habit of using a headset helps your health! There are no neck straining or spinal issues to worry about.
As you can see, there are many reasons that getting an executive office phone will benefit your business. Telephone communication will continue to be the best and easiest form of communication for businesses, so why not make sure your best channel of communication is reliable and professional?

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