Centerco Community Spotlight: Tricia Cruz

tricia weil Have you met our Office Suites Manager, Tricia Cruz? She is the one who greets you and your clients every day as you walk into the office. You may see her walking around giving tours to interested clients. She arranges the parties Centerco throws each month and so much more. In less than a year of being here at Centerco, she has made a huge impact. We wanted to catch up with this multitasking pro to see how she has seen Centerco grow thus far.

Centerco offers admin services, how have you helped businesses in the Centerco business community thus far?

I have helped organizing & managing email inboxes & calendars, mailing out products, sending out marketing materials & updating email campaign lists for several businesses. Basically making their lives easier and more productive!

What are some examples of how you have you seen the Centerco business community grow?

We have seen many businesses grow at Centerco. Two businesses have gone from virtual members to having private office space to meet with clients. A hand-full of business owners here have needed to add second offices & have now hired multiple full-time employees. Not to mention, all the networking connections that happen here with the wellness professionals and members taking advantage of the business-to-business discounts offered here.

What is your favorite part about what you do?

Helping small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business by finding them their perfect office(s) or a virtual option to help start their business. It’s a big step to rent office space and I enjoy making them feel welcome in the Centerco business community.
Thank you, Tricia, for all you do for our business community! 

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