Tired of Having Your Meetings at Noisy Coffee Shops?

By: Taylor Bartley

Your company is expanding, but how do you plant your roots once you have entered a new city? You likely want to grow your business without expanding your overhead. The answer is a satellite office. The options are flexible, affordable and it provides the professional appearance you need. Learn about the possibilities a satellite office provides to help your growing business.

Office options

Rent an office

At Centerco, you can rent a drop-in office for the day or your own office for a whole year. The benefits are extensive. Our offices provide a professional workspace for employees to have meetings and be productive.

Coworking Space

If your employees need the best space to work, consider our coworking space. The best part? Memberships include access to our conference rooms! Perfect for monthly meetings with your staff.

Virtual Office

If you are testing the waters in a new city, a virtual office is a sensible starting point. For $30 a month you get a professional address along with access to an array of services.

Leveraging Technology

The most important thing needed at a satellite office is the technology that allows you to be two places at once.  Our large conference room includes life-size video conferencing that makes this easier than ever.  You can also use the power of remote desktop to stay connected to your employees’ PCs.

Support services

We often find that our business community at Centerco has many administrative needs. That is why we provide administrative services for our tenants for just $12 per hour. These services include just about any and every administrative service you need. This option is much cheaper than hiring someone to do your administrative tasks. Also, our administrative professionals are experienced in all areas. Learn more about what these services include here.

When you become a part of Centerco, you also become a part of a business community within St. Louis. Our offices are filled with businesses of all types. We foster an environment that encourages networking and support from one another to grow. When moving into a new city, there is nothing as valuable than that.

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