The Mobile Entrepreneur: Making it work without an office

By: Taylor Bartley
These days, starting a business is much easier than it once was thanks to technology. If you are an entrepreneur that has passion, motivation and can stay somewhat organized then you can go far. There is no doubt that St. Louis is one of the most ideal cities in the nation to start your business, so we know a thing or two about entrepreneurship.
We certainly understand that starting a business is not cheap and it takes a while for your business to grow. That is why it is sensible to have a mobile office. A mobile entrepreneur’s office is wherever that business owner can find a suitable place to work that day. Maybe it is in his or her spare bedroom, a coffee shop or the kitchen table. Not having an office reduces overhead costs and can increase profit each month. It can also cause some problems, but do not worry because we have solutions. Check out the scenarios below to see if you have any of the following issues with your office-free business.
I do not want to appear mobile
When you don’t want people see that your business does not have a dedicated office space, consider a virtual office. For a small monthly fee you get an executive appearance here in St. Louis. One thing many people enjoy is the administrative professionals who will manage your calls and receive packages on your behalf.
I get too distracted at home or a coffee shop
Distractions are a huge issue for those who simply need the right environment in order to get their work done. A good solution to this problem is working out of a coworkinig space. This is a space you can rent daily or monthly in order to ensure that you have the best possible work environment. It is designed as place for you to be productive and collaborate with others when needed.
I do not want to use my home address
When marketing your business or corresponding with business professionals, you likely do not want to give out a home address for your business. A huge advantage of having a virtual office is that you get a business address that gives you the professional look you want for your business.
I can’t have large professional meetings with employees or potential clients
Another benefit a virtual office provides is access to our conference rooms. This solves any problems you may have when it comes to getting your team together in a place that allows you to get productive and present information clearly.
I don’t get to experience office life
Being a mobile entrepreneur can be lonely at times. Especially if you have worked in an office environment prior to starting your business. Working from our coworking space allows you to become a part of our business community. You can network with like-minded professionals in our offices and have access to our fitness center. Did we mention you also get free coffee all day?
If you are a mobile entrepreneur who faces any of these issues while running your business, contact us so we can help your business grow and give it the professional appearance it deserves.

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