13 Tips to Stay Fit While Working From Your Desk

By: Taylor Bartley
Sitting too much throughout the day has proven to be bad for your health. The most common issue is weight gain. Too much sitting can also lead to a high risk of death from heart disease, poor mental health, and a higher risk of becoming disabled. According to WebMd.com, even regular exercise does not make up for the hours of sitting we do every day. So what can we do to combat this issue?

  1. Hit the stairs
    Avoid those escalators & elevators for a way to get your heart rate up and blood flowing.
  2. Use a smaller cup
    This will encourage you to get up more for refills throughout the day
  3. Set a reminder
    Getting up every hour even for just a minute to walk works wonders. If you often lose track of time, set a reminder or alarm so you don’t forget to get up and moving.
  4. Walk and talk
    Make it a habit to walk and talk every time you take a call on your mobile phone.
  5. Revamp your snack drawer
    The infamous snack drawer many of us have to keep us going through the day does not have to go away. Instead, fill that drawer with nuts, dried fruit, 100-calorie packs and other healthy snacks.
  6. On that note, revamp your vending machines
    We know how tempting the vending machines filled with goodies that contain empty calories can be throughout the day. Here at Centerco, we made change to a vending machine that offers nutritious options for our tenants. We love our “Healthy 4 U” vending machine! Encourage your office to make the change as well.
  7. Water, water, water
    Get in the habit of bringing a reusable water bottle to work. Aim toward drinking one full bottle before lunch and one before the workday has ended. This will keep you away from overeating.
  8. Face to face
    Sometimes dropping into your colleagues office to talk in person is much more effective and enjoyable than a phone call or email.
  9. Bring your lunch
    Save money and cut the calories, fat and sodium by bringing your own lunch to work instead of going to the nearest fast food joint or restaurant. Save those trips for special occasions or small rewards.
  10. Be an early riser
    Starting your day with exercise will lower the chances of skipping the gym in the evening due to a hectic workday.
  11. Stretch!
    Do things such as rolling your shoulders, wrists and ankles every hour (you can set reminders for this as well). Stretch your neck forward, backward, left and right. You can also work your abdomen by holding the muscles and releasing in sets.
  12. Use a standing desk
    Many people are switching to standing desks for the health benefits they offer.
  13. Track your progress
    Using a pedometer or our favorite device, the Fitbit, will encourage you to get moving as much as possible.

Speaking of Fitbit, if you sign a lease at Centerco between now and February 28th, you will receive a free Fitbit! We care about the well-being of all of our tenants and this Fitbit, along with our gym, is a way to help you stay fit all year long!
Click here to schedule a tour of our office spaces and you are well on your way to receiving your free Fitbit!
We hope you are working your way toward better health and fitness as we head in to another new year!

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