5 Advantages of a Virtual Office

By Taylor Bartley 
Our virtual office spaces can be used by businesses during any stage of growth. Maybe you have a small business that needs to grow into more of a professional environment. Or possibly, you have a larger national or regional business expanding to the St. Louis region and you’re looking for a local address and office services that will grow as your needs grow. No matter what size your organization may be, a virtual office is something you should consider in order to run a successful business.

1. Conference rooms

Whether you are holding meetings, team brainstorming sessions, training classes, a small event, or anything in between, conference rooms are extremely useful. Having access to a meeting room equipped with video conferencing capabilities and room for twenty at just about any time is worth the small cost alone. Every virtual tenant at Centerco receives conference room time with their monthly contract.

2. Professional business address

Gone are the days of PO boxes or clients sending mail to your home address. Our office, located in beautiful Creve Coeur, gives you a professional image at a fraction of the cost. Out of town? We also offer mail forwarding services from our address.

3. Productivity

There is no need to commute to the office every day for work. Being able to work from home with the appearance of working out of an office building allows you to dedicate more time to your work related responsibilities. Have employees? They will love the ability to work from home, flexible hours and not having to abide by dress codes.

4. It’s your building, too.

Need someone to manage your calls and collect packages? Administrative professionals can do just that. Centerco also has an auto attendant that answers calls after hours and on weekends in your business’ name. Talk about cutting down the amount of tedious calls you receive while enjoying your weekend!

5. Cost Savings

Since other entrepreneurs occupying offices share the cost of the building and services, the costs stay low. Even when you are ready to make the next step and move in! If you are not ready to move into a new office but need the next best thing, virtual offices are your answer. They offer the advantages of having your business in an office building for a fraction of the cost. Instead of simply having a PO box, a virtual office gives you a professional appearance that you need.

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