Gateway Mobility and Fitness takes innovative approach to long-term wellness

Opening Nov 3, new Centerco Tenant, Gateway Mobility and Fitness Associates to offer medical fitness coaching and services to help injured, ill stay active transition from physical therapy to physical fitness
GatewayLogoNew Centerco Tenant, Gateway Mobility & Fitness Associates opened its doors to clients November 3. The group aims to improve the quality of life of people of all ages and abilities through medical exercise and personalized fitness services — particularly those who are challenged with chronic or lifelong medical conditions or injuries.
The practice takes a dynamic approach to wellness and adheres to one simple principle — “You’ve got to move to improve!” Gateway supports the philosophy behind the “Exercise is Medicine” initiative, developed by the American College of Sports Medicine, which promotes exercise as one of the most powerful medical interventions available.
The practice will serve as the next step for individuals looking to manage their health after surgery or care for their chronic illness, offering a post rehab fitness program that provides professional guidance from a certified personal trainer that uses a medical fitness approach. Clients are coached with a routine modified for their individual medical needs.
“Our goal is to empower people to overcome their barriers to fitness and to realize a permanent, long-lasting improvement in their quality of life,” said Dorie Sher, founder of Gateway Mobility & Fitness. “You certainly don’t have to have a chronic condition or injury to work with us — just a desire to realize better health.”
For Dorie, working to help people transition from physical therapy to physical fitness is a personal passion.
For Sher, working with people with medical conditions is a personal passion. A long time marathoner and cyclist, Sher was sidelined after a trauma and subsequent medical issues. After undergoing surgical and physical therapy intervention, she found she needed individualized coaching beyond physical therapy in order to find a way to become active again without sacrificing the progress she’d made in her recovery.
With 22 years of experience in the medical industry, and significant experience as a patient herself, Sher was inspired to launch Gateway Mobility & Fitness Associates in order to serve an underserved population that needs an innovative approach that takes their unique medical and physical issues into consideration.
The center will offer a medical approach to fitness and expert guidance from Tina Patti, a doctor of physical therapy, whose specialty includes sports medicine, functional strengthening and core stabilization. Patti works to help patients regain and maintain their independence in everyday activities, from walking to working out.
Patti notes that while other metro areas such as Phoenix, Los Angeles and Houston have a network of medical exercise professionals that work to transition patients from physical therapy to physical fitness, their approach will fill a void in St. Louis for patients transitioning out of physical therapy or managed medical care.
“Many physical therapy patients have a 20 visit maximum for physical therapy. Following extensive injury or surgery, many patients continue to experience functional deficits, general weakness and pain. While some individuals choose to pay out of pocket for continued physical therapy, others go without help and risk reinjury, or never truly regain full function,” said Patti.
Each Gateway Mobility & Fitness exercise program will offer every client a free one-hour fitness assessment and re-evaluation, a body composition analysis, a thorough review of client fitness report and periodic progress updates to their medical providers. The practice has also developed an extensive network of professionals including medical specialists, holistic and massage practitioners and others who will allow them to further customize their services to meet an individual client’s needs.
The integrative approach offered by Gateway Mobility & Fitness offers a “win/win” opportunity for doctors and their patients. Gateway Mobility & Fitness Associates’ team will work hand-in-hand with their clients’ medical team and physical therapists to help them transition into their day-to-day lives as they transition out of continuous medical care.
Already hard at work preparing for the November 1 launch, Sher reports that feedback from medical providers has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic, “The doctors and physical therapists we’ve spoken with as we’ve moved forward tell us that this is an area where they need partnership — and that we will be filling a gap for long-term patient care.”
To schedule a free consultation, clients can email or call 314-799-2341.
About Gateway Mobility & Fitness Associates
Gateway works to improve the quality of life and to preserve and protect long-term health for individuals living with injury or illness. Employing a blend of lifestyle management, physical fitness, medical evaluation and wellness coaching, the team of professionals at Gateway serves as a partner for medical providers and their patients, helping their clients realize optimal health and reduced recurrence of symptoms and injury. Learn more about Gateway Mobility & Fitness Associates at

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