The Man's Guide for Office Decorating

By: Tricia Weil

Business owners can spend an average of 50-70 hours a week in their office space diligently growing their business. Don’t you want your office to be comfortable and feel like home? That’s why everyone should decorate their office. It’s amazing how different you will feel if you just paint, add an accent chair, and put some pictures or artwork on the wall. Not to mention, it will make your clients feel more comfortable too! Here is the man’s guide for office decorating.


Painting is the #1 tip for decorating your office even if you are a guy. The most popular colors for masculine offices are grays, dark blues, greens, and browns or tans. Adding industrial parts pieces to the wall add character and can be great conversation pieces.
Guys office gray walls
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Shelves, Tables or Both

We love the versatile of piece of furniture as a shelf for statues, trophies or books or a table for productive meetings. This piece from can meet both needs!

Shelf table for guy office



Desk Lamp

Guys need a desk lamp with character too! Modeled after an industrial safety lamp, this metal pipe lamp would fit perfectly in a guy’s office space.
industrial desk lamps










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We didn’t forget about the ladies! Check out our blog next week on tips for ladies on decorating a feminine office. If you are in need of an office decorate, please contact us.

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