Virtual Office: St. Louis' Small Business Secret

By: Tricia Weil

A virtual office is a small business secret in St. Louis and many other areas and it’s growing in popularity. It is a way for an entrepreneur to be mobile, but still have an image that their business is at a professional office building. If an out of town company would like a presence in a certain metropolitan city or nearby city to attract a certain clientele, this is a perfect solution for them.

What is a virtual office?

It is a way for a small business to have a professional forwarding mail address as an alternative to receiving mail at their home or a PO Box. Most companies that offer virtual office service also offer the option to have receptionist answering. A dedicated phone number is linked to a receptionist phone at the professional mailing address and a receptionist answers the phone with your company greeting. He or she then has the ability to transfer to your cell phone or home office line. It is as if you have your own personal receptionist to answer your calls.  It gives small business owners the opportunity to work at home, in a coffee shop or visiting clients and not have to worry about receiving piles of mail at their house, being available to sign for packages and answering their phone. This may be the solution for you, if you are just starting a business and you aren’t ready to lease office space.

At Centerco, we can offer both these options plus discounted rates for our conference rooms & day office for the mobile entrepreneur to use when they need to meet clients in a professional atmosphere. Our virtual tenant options range from $30-$350 varying on lease term and  service package you prefer. To get more information regarding a virtual office, please call us at  (314) 558-4200 or email us at

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