10 Blogs Entrepreneurs Must Read

By: Tricia Weil

As of February 2014 over 250 million blogs existed according to Wikipedia. Blogs ranging from what’s new in the fashion world, tech, food and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are people who learn from their mistakes and like to learn from others mistakes. Reading blogs on how other entrepreneurs might have had a past failure and how they overcame it, is  a great way to be a student of fellow entrepreneurs. We created a list of our top 10 blogs entrepreneurs must read:
1. How to Change the World– This blog is coming from, Guy Kawaski, the chief evangelists of Canva and former chief evangelist at Apple. His most recent post gives an explanation on what a tech evangelist is and how to be one. His blog is inspiring and empowering to “the rest of us.”
2. Work Happy.net – Carson McComas labels his blog “killer resources for entrepreneurs”. His information ranges from marketing tips to tech resources. While reading his blog, it’s easy to see that he is very knowledgeable and does a lot of the research for you when giving advice on resources.
3. Small Biz Trends – This blog gives tips for Social Media Marketing, how to better manage your business, technology, finance and so much more! These blogs are written by different successful entrepreneurs, authors and small business “experts”.
4. Both Sides of the Table – Mark Suster focuses on his experience as a 2x entrepreneur and now a General Parter of a venture capital firm. He shares both sides of the investment & entrepreneurship side. He posts frequently, so there is always more to read and more to learn.
5. Business Insider – This site has videos on “How to Make Small Talk”, articles on the “Best College Campuses in the US” and “The Future of Iced Coffee.” Beware, one could spend an entire day going through the different posts on this site from a variety of writers.
6. Steve Blank – Named a “Master of Innovation” by Havard Business review in 2012 and in 2012 Forbes named him one of the 30 Most Influential People in the tech world. His website has endless amounts of information for startups with blog posts dating back to 2009, a podcast, book recommendations and an online store to purchase books he has written such as the “The Startup Owner’s Manual.”
7. Onstartups.com – Author of onstartups.com is Dharmesh Sash who is a co-founder & CTO for the Internet Marketing software platform, HubSpot. The blog was created for software startups, but there might even be information on there for you too.
8. Inc.com – Well known Inc. magazine’s website with information for growing companies. A must read for all entrepreneurs for tips on what not do, how to empower employees and networking tips for introvert entrepreneurs.
9. Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist – Professional beach volleyball player turned entrepreneur. She is an expert on career advice due to her life experiences and four startups. She is called “the world’s most influencial guidance counselor” by Inc. magazine.
10. Awake @ The Wheel – Career Renegade author Jonathan Fields writes this blog as an ongoing discussion about the struggles and joys of owning your own business.
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