What is co-working?

By: Tricia Weil

During the launch of our new co-working space, many of our current office tenants and potential tenants are asking “What is co-working?”  Co-working is a manner of working that involves a shared work space, often an office that entrepreneurs drop-in at to work independently. It is  a growing trend that we don’t see slowing down soon.


Deskmag.com reported that more than 110,000 people currently work in one of the nearly 2,500 co-working spaces available worldwide. Compared to last year, there are now 83% more coworking spaces that serve a total of 117% more members! 

Why would someone choose a co-working space instead of working at home?

An entrepreneur has a few different options when starting his or her business. Work from home, work in a traditional office space or work in a co-working space. The average co-working space membership is around $195 which could save a startup company a few hundred dollars per month by working in a co-working space. Co-working spaces encourage networking, collaboration and creativity. You could also save money by not working at the coffee shop. Most co-working spaces offer free coffee to members!
Centerco Office Suites co-working space is launching September 3, 2014. At a low cost membership of $99/month. Members of our co-working space will get unlimited access to the co-working space, fitness center access, free daily coffee, wifi and free private parking in front of our building. Contact us for more details and RSVP to our launch party on September 3rd to see the new space.

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