What does the color of your office space say about you?

By: Tricia Weil

As we were starting to paint and freshen up some common areas in our office building the past couple weeks. We thought it would be fun to look deeper into each paint color option. Painting and decorating your office space can make you feel relaxed, energized, tired, focused or distracted. You most likely a good part of the day in your office, so it’s important that you paint it how you would like to feel while you are there.

What does the color of your office space say about you?

Red – Can be a power color and may be a good accent color for sales professionals. However, it can be known to stimulate the appetite and increase the heart rate.
Blue – Is very calming and relaxing. It also symbolizes loyalty and trustworthiness. Blue causes people to be more productive in their office space.
Green – An office space with green walls is very relaxing since it’s a color of nature. It is also a perfect color for concentrating.
White – Even though some may think white walls are boring. White creates a more spacious feeling environment and cleanliness.
Yellow – Is an optimistic color that promotes positive thoughts. It may be calming depending on the brightness, but it’s more energetic than most of the colors.
Orange – Orange is known to be cheery and energizing. It promotes happiness, playfulness and can be warm depending on the shade of orange.
Gray – Gray can be calming and warm. It is a trendy color right now to paint walls at home or your office space. It’s a neutral color and can brightened up or toned down.
Here are a few pictures from our newly painted larger meeting room! Call us today to reserve one of our meeting rooms for a class, workshop or large meeting at (314) 558-4200.
photo 2
photo 1

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