6 Signs You Should Rent Office Space

By: Tricia Weil

Last week we pointed out how to start a small business and one of those steps was to find a location for your small business. It can be a time-consuming and stressful decision, but it may be necessary for most entrepreneurs. Here are 6 signs you should rent office space for your small business:

1. Distractions are making your business suffer. They are everywhere from beautiful weather to noises to people in your life. When they effect your work productive and growing your business then it is time to avoid the distractions by getting away from them. This is probably the number 1 sign that small business owners decide they need to rent office space.

2.  You only see 1-2 people a day. Networking and social interactions is a major reason why you would should have an office  outside of your home. It’s a great way to grow your business and help other people with theirs.

3. You are spending your profit at the nearby coffee shop. It may be a great factor that the morning shift barista knows you get a “Grande nonfat latte with 2 pumps of butter pecan 1 pump of caramel syrup with no whip and an extra shot”, but the latte costs will soon add up. You are meeting so many clients during the day at the coffee shop because you don’t have the professional image of an office to meet them. It might also be beneficial to find an office space with a conference room to accommodate meetings of 3 or more.

Dog at coffee shop
4. Work & Personal Separation. There is a good chance that this doesn’t exist when you work from home. Your office is your home or is one room in your home. You may get distracted by the laundry, dishes or a television show. On the other hand you may be home during the evening and get distracted by an email then you end up working 3 hours that night when you only meant to respond to that one email. This part can be frustrating and difficult to discipline yourself to separate your work from your personal life.

5. Having trouble setting boundaries with friends & family. We hear all the time when people become tenants…”when I was working from home, my mom would call me every 2 hours asking me questions because I am home or my daughter assumes I can watch my granddaughter twice a week because I work from my home.” These boundaries can be difficult to set with close friends & family, but getting away from the home can prevent them from thinking you are always available.

6. Missing out on business. In a busy office space with your name in the directory, you may get business by people seeing your name or people curious about what you do. This doesn’t happen when you have a home office. When you have a professional office people tend to trust you more and want to do business with you.  In this instance, think how your perfect client would think.

If these signs sound like road-blocks that are hurting your small business growth, please contact us at Centerco Office Suites. We would love to help you invest in an office for your small business. We have private office space to rent in all price ranges with amenities included!

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