How Suite It Is!

I think we’ve all had dreams of being able to bag a big, new client while sitting at home in your pajamas. Sending emails and faxes from the comfort of your couch with the refrigerator just around the corner sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? But is a home office really the best option for your business? Will it provide the right environment for the growth you’d like to achieve? There are several good reasons for small business owners to consider making the move to a commercial office space.
The first thing to examine is the professional image of your company. If you do sign that new client or you’re still trying to, what will your options be if he wants to have a face-to-face meeting? Will you bring him to your home or a local coffee shop? To many customers, a commercial office can make your business seem official and well-established. It gives a more polished representation of your company that will undoubtedly make your customers more comfortable when choosing to give you their business.
Another important consideration is productivity. While working out of your home office, do you find yourself easily distracted by family, television, daily activities and errands—or long naps? An office away from home can provide you with a more focused setting for your work. Removing all those distractions from your daily routine can significantly increase your efficiency and possibly give your business the boost it needs to grow. Additionally, separating home and office can enhance your home life.
It may prove difficult to focus on your family, home or simply have down time for yourself when your laptop is looming in the corner, reminding you of projects you could be working on. Switching modes can be a challenge when everything takes place in the same environment. You can make the most of each by dedicating individual spaces to both facets of your life.
Often, a major concern in making the choice to move to a commercial office space is the increase in overhead for your business. However, there are now several office solutions that are not only extremely affordable, but also provide conveniences that eliminate some of your other typical costs. Centerco Office Suites caters specifically to small businesses by offering not only office space, but many amenities to go along with it. A live receptionist, copy and print services, phone and internet options, coffee service and a 24-hour, on-site gym are just a few of the advantages it offers. Plus, you won’t have the worry of utility bills or hiring cleaning services.
If you’re not quite ready to make the leap to your own commercial office, there are alternatives that can help you make the transition as well. Virtual offices allow your company to have a mailing address at a commercial location. You can also add phone answering services or conference room time to your virtual package. Setting up a virtual office enables your business to project a more professional image until you are ready to take on a full-time office.
So, when you take the time to consider the potential benefits a commercial or virtual office can offer your small business and the range of affordable options that are now available, those pajamas aren’t looking quite so good after all, are they?

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